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Your spa business partner to assist you with everything you need from start up to reimagining, taskforce, staffing, and guidance for optimal performance and profitability.

Sp-Oz Solutions is your spa business partner with our expertise in spa, fitness and wellness.  We can support your existing team to improve profitability and operational processes from "behind the curtain" so your team can focus on the essential day to day services.  We help you to stay relevant in the marketplace and be strategically positioned for the future. Fill out the form below to get started.

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It’s simple – We’ll work side by side, supporting your spa & wellness team for as long as you need us.  We will create a tailored plan by establishing specific initiatives to meet your business needs.  Together, we will improve the performance of your team and profitability of your business.


We'll fill the gaps

Sp-Oz Solutions is your answer.  Operational expertise, creative programming, knowledgeable support and Five Star standards. Sign up, and start taking advantage of a service that focuses on improving the bottom line and the way you do business.


Reducing Overhead

Pay us a fraction of the cost to replace a full time management position while you are determining your next steps and planning your future.  Fill out the form below and begin your partnership with Sp-Oz Solutions.


Customized to meet your needs

We are your business partner. We’ve been in your shoes. We will “listen” and provide a customized approach to meeting your business needs. In this unprecedented time in our industry, we’ll provide strength, forsite & perseverance to get you where you need to be for success. Click below to get started.


Achieving financial and performance goals

Revenue and expense management is key to the success of your business.  We’ll review your P&L to capitalize on areas of opportunity to include:  treatment room utilization, revenue per guest, capture rates for hotel/locals/residents, retail sales, operational expenses, payroll, etc.  We'll implement strategies to take you successfully into the future.

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Spa and Wellness is what we do best.

Diane Trieste, Maggy Dunphy and their team of spa + wellness specialists have identified a gap.  With shifts in the business climate and the reduction of spa and wellness staff, we set our intentions to provide a simple yet customized approach to insure your spa business stays alive, profitable, healthy and successful. 

Our dedicated approach will help you pivot in this new business climate.  We are here to help grow profitability, improve guest service, elevate staff morale, and be your dependable business partner every step of the way. 

We are more than consultants.  We are your business partner.

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It’s not a coincidence that they are a team today.

Maggy & Di were both competitive athletes that grew up in the time of Title 9 funding - playing sports to accomplish their college degrees. Without knowing each other, they moved on a parallel path beginning their spa careers by becoming licensed massage therapists. Di’s ambitious massage goals lead her to the 92’ & 96’ Olympic Games. While Maggy’s journey led her to Vail, Colorado and the start of her career in hospitality.

Their vision of wellness and healing as a lifestyle landed Maggy & Di in the spa industry at a time when the industry was just beginning to take off.  Their paths intersected in the mid-90’s at an ISPA Conference as both were working up the corporate ladder using their “athletic drive” to be the best they could be.  As Maggy was leading the Destination Hotels and Resorts brand achieving exceptional profit margins, opening new spa properties, competing in Ironman competitions and racing mountain bikes, Di became a trend setter in operations at Canyon Ranch opening Canyon Ranch SpaClubs, Canyon Ranch Living & SpaClub aboard the QM2.

By the mid-2000 both took leaps in their careers. Di took her passion for training & education and moved on to join the team that built Cortiva Institute, a vocational education school. While Maggy continued her drive to lead the Destination Hotels brand to be not only the best spas in the world but for the world with her commitment to sustainability and green best practices.

Di & Maggy built a unique & valued friendship enduring both personal & career growth and always stayed in touch. Di became a successful consultant merging the importance of linking the  brand vision to education which provides operational results and Maggy led operations, new development and financial growth for Destination Hotels Resorts, Two Roads Hospitality and Hyatt Hotels.

Now, four decades later they are joining forces! They know and understand operations, having both domestic & international experiences that can benefit Owners, General Managers and Corporate Management teams. Success is in their DNA - on the field or in the spa - they give 100%.  They roll up their sleeves, lead by listening, learning and leaning in; and execute to produce results.  They thrive on serving and supporting an industry that has provided so much for both of them.  And both agree with John Maxwell when he said, “The best way to serve the individuals on the team is to see that the whole team wins.”  

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Positive Impact

Maggy and Di have been an incredible asset to my business.  I needed to make a shift in my massage business during the pandemic and they have put me on the right track and continue to provide the support I need on a weekly basis.

Shanda Gadsden, Heavenly Hands

I have worked with Maggy on several projects over the years and I can honestly say there is no one who knows more about the spa business!  She is a high performer, a creative visionary and a wild success.  Her brilliance is only matched by her innovative spirit.  To watch her work is like watching something compelling and remarkable unfold.  I truly believe the Spa industry as a whole, has been profoundly shaped and undeniably influenced by the genius of Maggy Dunphy.

Suzanne Chavez, Regional Director of Spas, Heritage

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